There are lots of vet jobs. There aren’t many places where being a vet is so much more than a job – fun, collaborative, challenging and rewarding. At Wight Vets we understand that much as you love animals and your career, it is a big part of your life, not the whole of your life. Our rotas and working patterns are flexible and fair:

  • Shorter working day (averaging 8:30 – 17:30) with 20-30 minute consults as standard
  • 1:10 on call for new emergencies, supported by an RVN colleague
  • No routine weekend work, unless you want it
  • Full-time or part-time position available, with salary and holiday pro rata

We practice individually-tailored, pragmatic and compassionate veterinary care for our appreciative clients. We’ll pay your RCVS and VDS fees, plus one additional professional membership. We offer generous practice discounts, CPD allowance, in-house training and support, pension scheme and frequent team socials.

And when we say we’re a ‘team’, we really mean it:

  • “Such a fantastic team and everyone gets on so well”
  • I like coming into work!
  • “I love the variety of what I do”
  • “I no longer dread coming to work on a Monday morning, I look forward to it!”
  • “Please don’t change anything just keep doing what you are doing!”
  • “I’m truly very grateful you are such a fantastic duo, it’s a pleasure to work for you”

If this sounds like the kind of team you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you. We can tailor a role to your interests and needs ranging from half a day a week to full time depending on what is wanted – lots of flexibility possible depending if consulting/surgery or delivering excellent care to patients are home give you job satisfaction. Most of our clinical team chose to do a mix and love driving round the beautiful IOW in Voltie our 100% electric specially adapted van attending to our patients in their homes while also being able to follow cases and work them up at our surgery.

Please get in touch with Emily and John email: with any questions or to set up a phone call. Also for anyone interested in doing some locum work with us or Vet Students looking for placements, you are most welcome to contact us.

What do we offer?

We value our Team. This means finding out what makes each person tick. What do they love? What are their strengths? What stresses them out? Then we work with you to see how you can play to your strengths within our highly experienced and supportive team. We want each and every member of staff to know working for us is sustainable for them in the long term. Stress, illness, burn out and very sadly, suicide is a massive problem in the veterinary profession nationwide.  It leads to vets in particular not being able to do the job they love and leaving the profession altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way and we offer an innovative flexible approach to allow prospective and current team members to tell us what is important to them and so enable them to rediscover why they chose this career. We want you to love coming to work! If it might take you a while to get there – that’s ok- come and talk to us. We are a small team right now and so to make it sustainable we are not offering extended opening hours or Saturday opening times at the moment. We may in the future if we have team members for whom these hours work.  We need downtime too, with our children, with our family and friends to re-charge our batteries.  So that when we are at work we can give our clients and their pets 100%.  There will always be someone on call to help clients with a life-threatening emergency but we know the pressures this can put on team members.  We recognise being able to talk to us in stressful situations is much valued by clients, but we also know the importance of the team’s health and well-being. Happy team = Happy Clients= Healthy Patients

Would you like to join our amazing team? Curious about the flexibility, pay and hours on offer? Want to know more about what we mean by sustainable veterinary practice? What positions may be coming up?

We run open recruitment so if you are interested in working with us please email: