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  • Goodbye 2023!

    Goodbye 2023!

    Goodbye 2023! Thank you for all the beautiful cards we have used to decorate reception. We read and appreciate each and every one. Clearly some of our clients have amazing artistic talents! One of our favourites is “Rusty”the hedgehog- see if you can spot him! The tasty treats some of you very kindly dropped off…

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  • Sunflowers!


    We love providing the right environment for each and every member of our team to grow and thrive! Our first ever team sunflower growing competition in the practice garden was won by Diane 2nd place Catherineand 3rd place to Callie Well done! Seriously impressive enormous sunflowers!

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  • Could you be our Next New Team Member?

    Could you be our Next New Team Member?

    Do you know our next team members? Please share! We are looking for a new team members to join our very happy team due to the number of lovely clients who would like to use our services We will have hours available for an experienced Veterinary Surgeon. Excellent communication skills, empathy and compassion essential. Exact…

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