Open One Month


After a long weekend of the whole country celebrating a remarkable anniversary we have a little milestone of our own that we have now been open for 1 month 😀 Thank you to all the fabulous clients and wonderful patients we have met since we opened on the 3rd of May. We have been bowled over by the level of enthusiasm, support and kind words from so many people, we really appreciate it – thank you.

Such is the demand we have had to open a waiting list for prospective new clients to ensure we can always meet the needs of our registered patients who are always our priority.

If you are on our waiting list wanting to join- thank you for your patience- we are taking new patients off it every week as and when we have room.

We will have updates for you on our Newport premises and a new job role coming soon.

I hope you enjoy the photo of a rather handsome patient who brought me his cuddly when I visited him.