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09/10/23 – Sorry our Waiting List is currently closed

If you would like to become a client in the future, please explore our website and read through the important information below to check whether Wight Vets are the Right Vets for you!

Our clinic is at 15, Chapel Street, Newport, PO30 1PY opposite the large council car park. You can visit us for consultations, vaccinations, operations and diagnostics by appointment once you become a registered client.

9/10/23 update:– We have worked through the majority of our waiting list and welcomed many new clients over the past year. At present, the waiting list is still closed to new additions to enable us to invite those who have waited the longest to join us as and when we have the capacity for them. Thank you for your patience with this. Everyone still on our list will have received an email update checking if circumstances have changed and to let us know if they no longer wish to register with us. If you have an immediate veterinary need and are not registered with an open veterinary practice on the Isle of Wight please contact our reception team on 01983 896889.

5/10/22 update:- We currently have a very long waiting list due to the large number of people who wish to register with us. We regret we will not be able to accept you as a client immediately due to this. Our priority is to ensure we provide an excellent service to our existing clients.

10/10/22 update:– We have closed our waiting list for the time being due to the volume of people wishing to register to enable us to work through people who have already registered their interest in joining the practice. This process will take many months as it is a very long list. Thank you all for your faith in us. We look forward to welcoming you in the future. Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page for updates.

Please note since opening Wight Vets only accepts registrations for dogs and cats – any other species will not be accepted. We are also not accepting registrations for the very largest dogs- giant breeds (e.g Great Danes or Wolfhounds etc.) due to not having a kennel large enough to comfortably accommodate their needs. (Please check with reception if unsure). Thank you for your understanding and we are sorry for any disappointment this may cause. This is to ensure we have the right equipment and facilities to look after all our registered patients.

Thank you