All our prices are the same regardless of whether the patient is seen at your home or at our clinic except that a visit fee is charged in addition to our normal prices if the patient is seen at home.

At vaccination and consultation appointments we will:-

  • Review previous medical history,
  • Conduct a clinical examination and weigh the patient,
  • Discuss any client & vet concerns
    •  If concerns are raised, discuss options (no treatment necessary/medical treatment/further tests/surgery/referral/end-of-life care as appropriate)
  • Agree a plan of action. 
  • Offer advice on microchipping, insurance, neutering, feeding, behaviour, teeth, worming and flea control as necessary.

Our Prices are:-

  • £49 Consultation 
  • £40 Repeat Consultation
  • £99 Full vaccination course dog/puppy/cat/kitten- incorporating two consultations 2-4weeks apart depending on the vaccines given.
  • £75 Booster vaccination dog/cat or second puppy/kitten vaccine if the first vaccine was given elsewhere
  • £30 Kennel cough vaccine- if given at the same time as another vaccination
  • £53.50 Kennel cough vaccine- if given at a standalone appointment
  • £17.50 Nail clip or £12 if done at the same time as another service


  • £35 GREEN VISIT our cheapest visit fee. If you can be flexible about which day and time we visit and the problem is non-urgent then we may well be able to offer you our most environmentally friendly visit option.  This allows us to group visits in different areas of the Island so we are more efficient and we can pass on these savings directly to you.  Speak to our reception team for full details on 01983 896889
  • £40 Home Visit during normal opening hours (8:45 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday) booked in advance.
  • £70 Emergency Home Visit during normal opening hours (8:45 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday).

Out of Hours

Outside of our opening hours of 8:45am-5:30pm Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) an additional fee will be charged on top of our normal service charges to help cover the cost of providing this service.

  • £75 Out of Hours Additional Fee Weekdays 5:30pm- 10pm and 7am-8:45am, Bank Holidays and Weekends.
  • £135 Out of Hours Additional Fee Night 10pm-7am

Providing transparency with our fees is part of our ethos of being open and honest with clients so you know what to expect. We want prospective clients to check Wight Vets are the right vets for them prior to applying to register.  We do expect all clients to pay at the time of consultation/treatment to enable us to keep our charges as low as possible for everyone.    These fees will be reviewed and updated from time to time.  All fees above are inclusive of VAT.

Please ring and speak to our reception team with any queries.