Surgical Procedures

All routine and emergency surgery is performed at our Chapel Street Surgery. Each patient will be treated as though it is the team’s own pet and we will make use of advanced monitoring to make sure they are well cared for during their stay with us. Routine and emergency surgery is performed by our own team.

Neutering (Spaying/ Castration)

We perform spays and castrates for dogs and cats. We look forward to offering laprascopic (keyhole) bitch spays in the future.

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Dental disease is something all dogs and cats will suffer from with age (same as humans!) We all know how sore toothache can be and dogs and cats are remarkably good at hiding tooth problems. Dental treatment often results in a noticeable improvement in demeanour even if a decline wasn’t obvious before. If left untreated bad teeth can cause many issues including damage to heart valves, poor eating, infection and kidney problems as well as significant pain and discomfort.

We always check for dental problems and will advise you of the options if necessary.

General Surgery

We are experienced in performing a large range of surgical procedures. Costs, risks vs benefits are always discussed in advance.

If it is beyond the scope of our skills we will guide you in selecting a referral centre as appropriate.

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