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Annual Health Check and Vaccinations

At Wight Vets we recommend an annual health check for all of your pets. This provides an opportunity for a thorough check over and to answer any queries. It also enables us to catch problems at an earlier and often more treatable stage. A health check is always done prior to any vaccination and is included in the cost.

We can provide an up-to-date vaccine certificate as needed. Many insurance companies require that vaccinations are kept up to date. If you have any queries then do please discuss them with us.

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We get a huge amount of information by talking to you and conducting a thorough examination of the patient during a consultation – just with our eyes, ears, nose(!), hands, and nothing more sophisticated than a stethoscope. Often this, together with our experience give us enough information to work out what is wrong and what we can do about it without further testing. However, sometimes we need a bit more information and so we have various items of equipment we can use to assist us.

Nurse Consultations

We have an experienced nursing team and they can help with many things such as:

  • Post-operation checks
  • Nail clips
  • Emptying anal glands
  • Discussions about diet
  • Discussions about preventative health care
  • New pet advice
  • Nutritional advice
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Health Certificates

If you are traveling abroad you will need to have an Animal Health certificate. We are able to produce these for you. Please allow us 48hours to complete these after we have examined your pet.