If you have a veterinary emergency first and foremost stay calm and get in touch with us on 01983 896889. We will advise and help you.

Out Of Hours

We provide a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency provision for our registered clients. If you are registered with another Isle of Wight Veterinary practice you need to seek help from them. If you are not registered with an Island veterinary clinic and need emergency treatment for your pet we will see what we can do to help. We are only able to accept new client registrations during our normal working hours.

Practices have traditionally cooperated to provide sustainable emergency care by sharing duty vets on a rota basis. We share our out of hours care with our veterinary colleagues at The Carisbrooke Vets.

If you have a veterinary emergency outside 8:45am- 5:30pm Monday-Friday, emergency care can be accessed as follows:

  • Call Wight Vets on our usual number 01983 896889 for instructions on contacting the on-call team for advice, an emergency consultation or an emergency visit.
  • Patients will be seen either at our Chapel Street clinic, or at 107, Carisbrooke Rd, Newport, PO30 1HP – five minutes’ drive away with ample free parking. 
  • Any patients admitted to Carisbrooke out of hours will be transferred back to us at Chapel Street for their care to be continued by us when we reopen in the morning.
  • Payment will be made directly to the practice at which your pet is seen. 

During the working day we will continue to provide our normal service and you remain registered with us.  Please be assured that Wight Vets remains a separate business to The Carisbrooke Vets and all other aspects of our service and our values continue as normal. 

Frequently asked Questions on our emergency care arrangements outside normal opening times. 

Please continue to ring the normal number 01983 896889 for help and follow the directions to be connected to the duty team.  This may be one of our team or one of the team at The Carisbrooke Vets depending which team is on-call.  Either team will be able to offer advice over the phone and arrange to examine the patient if necessary – this will normally be at the duty vet’s clinic- so on occasion this will be The Carisbrooke Vets premises at 107, Carisbrooke Rd, Newport PO30 1HP.  This is 5 minutes’ drive from our premises with parking available.

We are open from 8:45am-5:30pm Monday to Friday at our Chapel Street surgery with our reception team answering our phones during these hours

Yes, in an emergency, home visits can still be requested as we are aware how much, you, our clients value this service. This has been one of the key points of our discussions with Carisbrooke and they have agreed they will provide home visits for our registered clients when requested when they are on-call.  There may be occasions e.g. when X-rays are going to be necessary that you may be advised to bring your pet into the clinic to access the care they need more quickly.  Being seen at a clinic is also always cheaper than a home visit so most people elect to come into a clinic to be seen most of the time.

You will be seen at the surgery the duty vet normally works at, if we are on-call it will be at our Chapel Street surgery.  If a Carisbrooke vet is on duty this will be at the Carisbrooke Vet’s premises at 107, Carisbrooke Rd, Newport PO30 1HP.  This is 5 minutes’ drive from our premises with parking available.

Yes, you will remain registered with Wight Vets even if you are seen by Carisbrooke vets in an emergency, with your permission they will email the notes to us so we have a record of any treatment given and can update your pet’s clinical history.

Yes – With your consent they will send all notes about the consultation and treatment to us so we can update your pet’s clinical history and continue their treatment as necessary.

If required we have a provision in place where we can send your pets full clinical history over to The Carisbrooke Vets if requested to aid them providing emergency treatment.  This will only be sent once your consent has been obtained.

If your pet is poorly enough to require emergency hospitalisation out of hours this will be done at whichever clinic’s vet is on call. If they are hospitalised at Carisbrooke as soon as normal hours resume your pet will be transferred back to us to continue their care if they need ongoing hospitalisation/ treatment/follow-up appointments etc.

Any patients we have admitted during our normal opening hours will continue to be looked after by our team at Chapel Street.